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DeanMarshall 3 hours ago  New member
I absolutely adore your style; the colors, the female inspiration you draw from, and the accentuation of emotional and sensual is captivating. Your work is very inspiring <3 
My 2nd time through since about a year ago - you are still the baddest mthrfkr out there IMO. No one else even comes close-but then, again, there's no accounting for taste...and I've been looking! Kind of hoped you'd have contacted me about a commission as Id asked about but maybe you're not available for that anymore? If not then congrats! for keeping so busy!  Message me if you are.  Thanks!
Warning ! Great artist detected !!!
Your works .. Its too much for me .. The curves i mean .. Somehow i like the idea and the concepts
Love your work I have been a fan for some time now, and enjoy your work and simply hope that my work can inspire others as your work has inspired me!!!
Beautiful work
You are a seriously talented artist. Thank you for the art!
wonderful work, i could def see alot of these as pin up posters and skateboard graphics! look forward to seeing more!
Butter faces
Can anyone tell me if this picture is part of a comic series?


I can only find it in Witch of Westbrook 4, but the downloads I can find are disjointed and the three pics are numbers 9, 10 and 11. The story doesn't seem to make sense. Any help is appreciated.

Biele, you're shit is the bomb. If this is all there is of this wicked nun (witch?) I would love to see a whole series of this nun. Do you have a site?
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